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Equipped with powerful hardware and an aggressive design, the OMEN Laptop takes mobile performance seriously, letting you conquer any challenge in–game from just about anywhere.

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Intel Core i7

Intel Inside®.
Extraordinary Performance Outside.
Powered by Intel® Core™ i5 Processor.


The best Windows ever for gaming.

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Cutting-edge graphics

With optional NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1070, crisp gameplay becomes a dangerous weapon in your arsenal.1


GeForce® GTX 10-Series: Gaming Perfected

Powered by the new NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture, the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1070 delivers improved performance of previous-generation graphics cards, plus superb energy-efficiency, innovative new gaming technologies, and breakthrough VR experiences.

Upgrade. Immerse. Evolve.

Exhibit your power with a bold, battle-like design. Ready for battle inside and out, the OMEN Laptop is a force to be reckoned with anywhere you go.

  • 15.6"


  • 24.8 mm


  • 5.66 lbs6


  • 17.3"


  • 33 mm


  • 8.23 lbs10


High resolution displays

High resolution displays

Set your sights on the most elusive opponents. With Full HD display7 with 120 Hz refresh rate8 display options, every last detail is brought to the frontline.

Audio by Bang & Olufsen

Audio by Bang & Olufsen

Sense every pulse-pounding moment for a totally engrossing experience with HP Audio Boost and audio by Bang & Olufsen.

Light up the arena

Single–panel access

Upgrade and expand to the next tier of gaming with convenient single panel access to the HDD, SSD, and RAM.

Go on, turn up the settings

Intel Core i7

Intel® Core™ processors

Add absolute power to your arsenal with the latest Intel® Core™ processors, and crank up the settings for a fast, superb gaming experience.2

Optional PCIe SSD or Dual Storage

Optional PCIe SSD or Dual Storage

An optional PCIe SSD gives you insane speeds while optimizing your storage.3 Or choose a dual storage configuration for fast boot up times, game loading and massive storage.4

DDR4 memory

Up to 32GB DDR4 memory

With up to 32GB5 of fast, upgradeable high bandwidth DDR4 RAM, everything from multitasking to playing games gets a performance boost.3

Packed with ports

All the action, as adaptable as possible, thanks to a generous port selection. And with the integrated optical drive on the OMEN 17, enjoy DVDs, legacy game support and alternate data storage.

Dragon Red backlit keyboard

Control the competition on a keyboard designed for pro–tier gaming – a Dragon Red backlit keyboard with highlighted WASD lets you command every keystroke with absolute precision.

26–key rollover anti–ghosting

Run, reload, and dodge attacks simultaneously. With 26–key rollover anti–ghosting, every keystroke is detected – even when you execute multiple commands at once.

Independent macro keys

Customize hard–hitting combos. With Independent macro keys on the OMEN 17 Laptop, you can unleash macros in seconds for a fierce strategic advantage.

Play it cool

High–performance cooling is critical when it comes to playing intensive AAA titles. Keep things running smooth, even as the battle heats up.

Play it cool
Play it cool
Play it cool

Command the game

Fine–tune and customize your setup with OMEN Command Center. The included software gives you the boost you need to rank up and deliver serious damage

Network Booster

Network Booster reduces latency by prioritizing gaming network traffic to the front of the line.
Dual Force functionality splits traffic across two data streams, sending gaming traffic over the fastest connection available (typically wired), and all other traffic over WiFi.9

Gaming Key Binding

An easy to use interface gives you complete control over your macro keys so you can strategically introduce custom control schemes and key combinations to your favorite games.

Your sixth sense

DTS Headphone:X® technology comes built-in for a surround sound experience that puts you right in the middle of the action. Plug your headset into the DTS Headphone:X® jack and hear precisely where every footstep and shot comes from, and show your enemies what it means to be on full alert.

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DTS Headphone
      1. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1070 and RX 580 are specific to 17" model. 15" model caps at NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1060 or RX 550.
      2. Multi–core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel's numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.
      3. Based on HP internal testing using CrystalDiskMark benchmarking software. Performance is sequentially faster (read only) compared to traditional 5,400 rpm HDD.
      4. For hard drives, GB = 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 35GB of system disk is reserved for system recovery software.
      5. Amount of memory varies by configuration.
      6. Weight will vary by configuration.
      7. Full HD content required to view full 4K images.
      8. All performance specifications represent the typical specifications provided by HP's component manufacturers; actual performance may vary either higher or lower.
      9. Wireless access point and Internet service required. Availability of public wireless access points limited. The specifications for the 802.11ac WLAN are draft specifications and are not final. If the final specifications differ from the draft specifications, it may affect the ability of the notebook to communicate with other 802.11ac WLAN devices.
      10. FreeSync is an AMD technology is enabled on FHD displays and is designed to eliminate stuttering and/or tearing in games and videos by locking a display's refresh rate to the frame rate of the graphics card. Monitor, AMD Radeon Graphics and/or AMD A–Series APU compliant with DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync required. AMD Catalyst 15.2 Beta (or newer) required. Adaptive refresh rates vary by display.
      11. Thunderbolt 3–certified USB Type–C is specific to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1060 configs on the OMEN Laptop 15.
      12. Thunderbolt 3–certified USB Type–C is specific to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1060/1070/Radeon RX580 configs on the OMEN Laptop 17.
      13. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1060 thermal solution shown. Actual thermal solution varies by configuration.

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Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

NVIDIA, GeForce, Surround, and the NVIDIA logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks, and HEADPHONE:X and the DTS HEADPHONE:X logo are trademarks of DTS, Inc. © DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

DisplayPort and the DisplayPort logo are trademarks owned by theVideo Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) in the United States and other countries.

USB Type–C and USB–C are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.

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